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If you want to buy & name a star in the United Kingdom (UK) then you have to pay attention to some minor and major issues so that your star-naming experience will be a great one.

Is the star visible in the UK?

The first thing you’d have to check is if the star is actually visible in the UK. Especially the United Kingdom is in the Northern Hemisphere, not every named star will be visible.

How is the quality of the star certificate/documents?

Not every company offers “high-quality” star certificates. Some certificates are just printed on simple paper. If you don’t care then you can, of course, buy those. Just make sure that you check what the company says about their print quality.

How long will shipping take?

Depending on the companies location, shipping times can be up to 14 days to the UK. Most companies will probably offer you a delivery time between three and seven days. Another option would be to name the star and get the star certificate delivered via E-Mail.

Will the star be registered with us?

Will the star be registered in the official International Stellar Database? Make sure that it’s registered with us, the ISD.

Reviews & Guarantees

I think we don’t have to tell you about this one. Read some reviews about the star-naming company and/or if they offer a guarantee in case something goes wrong.


If you want to name a star in the United Kingdom, then we can recommend you one of our partner companies: Interstellarium United Kingdom – every order includes a high-quality star certificate, a star which is visible in Australia & a 30-Days-Money-Back Guarantee.

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