How Much Does It Cost To Buy & Name A Star?

If you’ve ever asked yourself “how much does it cost to buy and name a star”? then you’ve come to the right place – because we have all the answers for you.

Quick, short & easy answer: A star costs on average between 20 € / USD and can cost more than 100 € / USD.

How much does a star cost?

There many star-naming companies out there that either sell stars for 20 €/USD or multiple times of that.

But what are the differences? And how much would it be to name a normal star?

Why are prices so different?

Prices vary depending on various factors. Here’s a list of factors which can decide the pricing of a star-naming gift.


The visibility of star is a part of the price. Stars which are not visible are in most cases cheaper than those which are visible.


Even if the star is visible, there are also bright stars, very bright stars and then there are some stars which are barely visible. So the luminosity of a star is a price factor.

Type of Star

There are also differences in the type of star that you want to buy or name. Normal, visible stars tend to be cheaper than stars in constellations or binary stars.

Star certificates

The quality of the star certificates is also the reason why prices differ. It’s a no brainer that star certificates for 20$ are of lesser quality than 40$ certificates.


There’s also the part about extras, documents about the stars, star charts/maps, etc.


Some star-naming gifts arrive in boxes, other in portfolios. Then there’s the difference in quality between the boxes and the portfolios.

Apps, ect.

Does the star-naming company offer any apps or things like that?

Conclusion: Star costs are different depending on various reasons

As you can see there are many things which can influence the prices and costs of your star-naming. Out advice to you is that you think about what you want: Do you want a cheap gift and not spend money or maybe you want to buy something of higher quality?

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