Buy & Name A Star For Someone You Love

When was the last time you gave someone a gift – not because it was a special occasion like Christmas or Valentine’s Day – but just because you like or love them? If you’re thinking right now “that was a long time ago” then you’ve come to the right place. You can buy and name a star after or for someone you love. Sounds crazy at first, right? But yes, we’re talking about real stars which can be named after a loved one.

Name a star after your parents

When was the last time you told your parents something like “i love mom” or “i love you dad”? For parents the love of their children is in most cases the biggest gift they want to receive.

They watched you grow up. They watched you win & fail. And so much more.

You don’t have to name a star after your parents – in most cases it’s enough to just tell them that you love them. But it’s a great feeling to tell them that hey have their own star, though.

Name a star after your soulmate

Do you have someone you love and whom you want to show them how you feel? Why not name a star after them? There are even popular songs out there which sing about “giving stars to people you love”.

Name a star after friends

You probably have many “friends”. If they are your real friends than great for your but if it’s like for most of us who only have 1-2 really, really good friends – or so called “best friends”, then you might think about buying a star for them. You could even buy a binary star and name it after you both f.e. like “Julia & Karen” (or something like that).

Name a star after your children

Naming a star is a great gift if you want to teach your children something about space or astronomy. This gift can actually teach them how to use a star chart and teach them something about our universe.

Many parents also name stars after their newborns – a new star, a new life.

Name a star after your neighbours

Okay, this one might be a little bit too far fetched but you can name a star after your neighbours. If you like them, though.

…or just name a star after someone you don’t like

And of course you can also name a star after someone you don’t like. You can give the star a funny name or curse them and then send them the gift. Our packages are anonymous and there are no receipts in there so they’ll never be able to find out who sent it to them!


Naming a star after someone is a great gift which can be given to anybody. If you want to name a star, please use the service of our star-naming partners.

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