How To Buy And Name A Star Officially

Welcome to the International Stellar Database. In this article you’ll find out how to buy and name a star which will be officially registered with the ISD.

Where to buy: official star-naming partners

The International Stellar Database is working together with different international star-naming companies, agencies and partners. If you want to have your star officially registered with the ISD please use one of our partner’s services to buy and name a star. Official ISD star-naming companies are:

How to buy a star at the official star-naming partners

The process at most of our star-naming partners ist the same. The difference in many cases is just the price and the certificate or documentation which will you get. To buy a star at one of our official partners please do the following:

  • Visit their website
  • Choose a star
  • Give the star a name
  • Choose a dedication
  • Choose – if you want – some extras
  • Make the purchase

The star-naming data will be transfered to us, you star will be named and gets a registry / database number.

Official registration with the International Stellar Database

After the purchase is done you’ll get the star certificate & documentation from one of our partners. You’ll be able to lookup the star by using your registry number. You can look up the star here: Search the Database

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