Best Stars To Buy & Name In The Sky

Which stars are the best to buy? Which stars in the sky can be named? We’ll answer these questions for you in the following article.

Types of Stars

When you’re thinking about naming & buying stars then there are three types of stars which can be named and bought. Most of these stars can be bought for any occasion but each one of them has a special meaning.

Normal (visible) stars

The normal stars which can be seen in the night sky are just that. They are stars and each one of them is special even though we call them normal.

They are special because they are visible.

There are millions of stars in the universe but there are only a few thousands of them which are visible – and that’s why they are so special. The normal visible stars can be bought for any occasion.

Stars in constellations

Stars in a constellation are pretty rare because there are just a few of them. That’s also the reason why they cost more than normal stars.

Most people name stars in a zodiac constellation for occasions like birthdays. That’s why they are so special. You can match their birthday’s zodiac with a zodiac constellation.

Binary stars

Last but not least, there are binary stars or double stars. These stars are actually not one but two stars which are drawn by each other’s gravitation. They “circle” around each other which looks as if they were dancing.

This is also the reason why the binary stars are the most popular stars among lovers and a prefered as a gift for occasions like weddings or Valentine’s Day.


Every star is special and it’s your decision which one to name. In any case, we hope that you have a great day and your star naming gift will bring you a lot of joy.

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