Can you buy & name a star from NASA?

Everyone knows the American National Aeronautics and Space Administration – or NASA for short. And many people who are interested in owning a star or at least giving a star a name often ask themselves, can you actually buy stars from NASA?

The short and quick answer: No, you cannot buy a star from NASA. If you want to have more information about this topic, you will find more answers in the following text.

What is actually NASA?

Founded in 1958, NASA emerged from NACA – the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. Before 1958, the agency was more responsible for conquering the skies and flights to the moon sounded like a fantasy.

So this new agency, the NASA, had the purpose of exploring not only the skies, but also space.

And the purpose of NASA has not changed until today.

NASA’s scientists are mainly focused on understanding the Earth and its orbit, improving general rocketry and propulsion technology through space missions, space exploration and the study of interstellar phenomena such as the Bing Bang and the origin of the universe.

What does the NASA do

Among today’s “everyday” tasks for which NASA is known are, as already mentioned, space exploration, the supply & construction of the International Space Station ISS as well as manned – and unmanned rocket launches into space.

Why NASA does not sell stars

One could of course assume that NASA’s task is to name stars, but this is not the case.

As already mentioned, NASA is more concerned with the technical aspects of aviation and space travel than with the cataloging of stars.

Furthermore, NASA is not an “international” authority, but only a national, American authority.

Even if NASA were to sell stars or name them, it is highly likely that other countries would not accept them because it is an American agency.

Where can I buy a star then?

On the Internet there are therefore many providers, such as Interstellarium – Name A Star, Buy A Star In The Sky – where you can buy & baptize a star.

Stars bought and named through Interstellarium are registered and recorded with us, the ISD.

Please note that when we say “buy” you are not really buying this star.

After all, you cannot get to a star and it is only a ball of gas and light that can be seen in the sky.

So you must not compare it to buying land or something similar.

Much more we speak of symbolically naming a star after someone when we speak of “buying”.


You cannot buy stars from NASA and if you want to, for example as a gift for someone, you have to use a private commercial service provider.

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